Microsystems R&D for Extreme Environments

GoofyFoot Labs was founded by engineers from MIT Lincoln Lab and Sony Computer Entertainment America. We primarily work on semiconductor applications in collaboration with government and industry partners and license the innovations to existing product providers.

Design and Fabrication Techniques for 3-D Integrated Circuits

GoofyFoot's TESI-3D is a CAD verification and design exploration suite to accurately and efficiently simulate monolithic 3-D ICs for issues that are of chief concern to 3-D designers: thermal, signal integrity, and reliability, providing quick, actionable feedback on performance and reliability induced by wafer stacking across all stages of the design cycle.

Radiation hardened & Wide-temperature Electronic Systems

Circuit design, architecture, and runtime software mitigation to bolster resilience against rapid thermal variations, single-event-effects (SEE), and other challenges of extreme (e.g., space, drilling) environments.